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You can take this with a grain of catnip, but as the resident office feline, I can say with some paw-thority that this is the best place to bring your kitty for care. Everyone here knows exactly what cats need to be calm and comfortable, not to mention healthy and happy.

And there are never any loud, drooly dogs around to ruin the experience. It’s all cats, all the time, which I appreciate more than I can purr, even though my name is Mouse.

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Look no further than Danbury Cat Clinic, where kitties are treated like the royalty they are. We are a full-service veterinary clinic specializing in cat wellness, surgery, dentistry, nutritional counseling, geriatric medicine, and emergency care. We also offer veterinarian-supervised and cat-approved boarding, as well as behavior consultations, X-rays, and microchipping services.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our team of life-long cat lovers is led by Dr. Barbara Fanning, who turned a passion for feline-focused medicine into not just a business but a calling. We’re a small, one-doctor practice with a big heart and years of experience caring for cats at every stage of life. Like you, we are devoted and doting cat parents who understand that nothing quite compares to the love of a good kitty—or even a grumpy cat—and we will do everything in our paw-er to give you and your favorite feline many happy, fulfilling years together

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