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Walk a mile in their paws with Mr Petcam!
Ever wondered about how the world looks to your cat? Now you can find out! Mr Petcam is a small point-of-view camera that attaches to your cat’s collar and allows you to experience the sights and sounds of their day-to-day life—and maybe crack a few of their secrets, too!
Interested? If you use the link below to order your own Mr Petcam, a portion of the sales will go towards helping the Danbury Cat Clinic provide exceptional care for your fabulous felines. And of course, we want to see any fun footage you might get at your next appointment!

– Heartgard for Cats 12-month supply – $15.00 Instant Rebate at checkout

Heartworms don’t just affect our canine companions. It’s is a serious threat for cats, with symptoms like coughing, vomiting, weight loss, and breathing issues. Click [here] for more info on feline heartworm from the American Heartworm Society.

– NexGard Combo for Cats 6-month supply – $20.00 Instant Rebate at checkout

– NexGard Combo for Cats 12-month supply – $45.00 Instant Rebate at checkout

Get comprehensive protection for your cat at a discounted price! Keep fleas and ticks off your cats with NexGard. It kills fleas within 8 hours and is proven safe and effective. Buy NexGard today at Danbury Cat Clinic, and save!

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